10 photos or less: Pinery Provincial Park

windsor-ontario-lifestyle-blogger-windsor-photographer-pinery-provincial-parkOver the weekend I did that thing you do when the weather gets cooler; I went out into nature.

Specifically, I went to the Pinery Provincial Park. It was a perfect Fall day, traveling in and out of pine forests and windy sand dune beaches. Equipped with a camera whose memory card supported only 10 RAW files out of sheer laziness to wipe any of my bigger cards, I decided to do the 10 photos or less challenge this time like I did before in Toronto; I limited myself to taking only 10 photos to describe the whole day and it worked for the most part until my battery died mid hike (!!).windsor-ontario-lifestyle-blogger-windsor-photographer-pinery-provincial-park

windsor-ontario-lifestyle-blogger-windsor-photographer-pinery-provincial-parkWe stopped first at Grand Bend and surveyed the scene. Surprisingly, quite a few people were out at the beach and some were even tanning! Shouldn’t be surprised, Canadians like to squeeze every last possible drop of summer .

From there we headed into the Pinery. The trees were still dense with leaves, towering above us and swaying back and forth through the slight wind. It was cool but not cold and sunny but not sweltering (and let me just say, the air was so fresh and filtered my lungs hurt from breathing).windsor-ontario-lifestyle-blogger-windsor-photographer-pinery-provincial-park   windsor-ontario-lifestyle-blogger-windsor-photographer-pinery-provincial-park  We hiked around the lake and stopped every so often to see if there were any mushrooms lurking in the damp spots of the forest floor. And we managed to find some! Bright yellow ones, smooth white ones; it reminded me of when I’d walk through forests in Europe with my dad and he would hunt unyieldingly until he found the perfect, milky,mushroom to fry up with a bit of butter. Of course, it’s tough to tell if the ones you see are edible unless you’ve got that mushroom-hunting eye. They’re still pretty to look at though!

windsor-ontario-lifestyle-blogger-windsor-photographer-pinery-provincial-parkwindsor-ontario-lifestyle-blogger-windsor-photographer-pinery-provincial-parkwindsor-ontario-lifestyle-blogger-windsor-photographer-pinery-provincial-parkWe stayed almost the entire day at the park, ending the day at the dunes for sunset. I think Fall is the best time to visit a forest. That golden light so famous for this time of year stays all day, slicing through tree tops and big forest bushes;there’s a photo to be found around almost every corner in the Pinery, you just have to look.

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