Ten photos or less: Toronto

How to spend a day in Toronto | Where my Eyes goOn a whim, a friend and I drove up to Toronto. It was very spur of the moment, like throw-some-things-in-a-bag-and-go;I didn’t have time to even format memory cards for my camera! So I grabbed an old 4gb card and decided I would try something new:capture my day in 10 photos or less

Because the memory card was so small and I shoot in RAW, I had a very small amount of space to work with which meant I had to constantly cull and edit and delete photos for more room. It was slightly nervy using  a tiny screen to judge if the photo was good enough to keep but it was really good practice in selective shooting, being mindful of what you’re taking rather than just going photo wild.

It felt a little like shooting film.

I really liked the challenge of whittling down my day in Toronto to maximum 10 photos only. (I culled even further to 8 photos.) I will definitely do this again!

How to spend a day in Toronto| St. Lawrence Market | Where my Eyes go

After catching the tram down to King Street, I walked down to Union Station to meet up with K for a quick morning tea, the CN tower reflecting in the building windows across from us. After that, I wandered towards St. Lawrence Market and had the famous peameal bacon sandwich from Carousel Bakery for lunch. The meat was very delicious, salty and tender- but I like more ingredients on my sandwiches so for me it was decent. Very good meat though.

How to spend a day in Toronto | Sugar Beach | Where my Eyes go How to spend a day in Toronto | Where my Eyes go

From St.Lawrence Market I walked 10 minutes or so down to the harbour to Sugar Beach, this random makeshift sugary sand beach in the middle of Toronto. I brought my kindle with me and spent a good hour or so sunning and reading while the big barge beside me got ready to leave and people milled here and there. It was very relaxing and honestly I couldn’t belive how enjoyable this tiny beach was! It really felt like I was out of the city.How to spend a day in Toronto | Where my Eyes go How to spend a day in Toronto | Where my Eyes go How to spend a day in Toronto |The Drake Hotel | Where my Eyes go

After my hour or so at the “beach”, I walked towards the Eaton Centre to meet S and K. I stopped in at St.James Cathedral since I saw the doors wide open and was curious to see inside. It’s not as old as the churches in Europe, of course (opened 1853)- but still quite beautiful! From there I made it to Nathan Phillips Square and shot the obligatory TORONTO sign photo and caught up with S and K to head for dinner.

We decided to have a small dinner at the Drake Hotel (not related to Drake the musician) where I played it safe and chose really yummy truffle fries BUT I had some of S’s beef tartare and it was delicious! I had never tried tartare till then because the concept seemed gross and unsanitary, but when she offered a bite as your friends do at dinner, I was really surprised how much I liked it. Very tasty.

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