A Glossier Review from a No Makeup Person

Where my Eyes Go Blog | Lifestyle Photography | Glossier ReviewWhen Glossier announced they were (finally!!) shipping to Canada, I basically just handed them my credit card. Ok not true. I did A TON of research first, as -hopefully you’ve gathered – I like to be really informed about the stuff I purchase. Then when the shipping floodgates opened I couldn’t have hit order fast enough because I knew exactly what I wanted.

Detroit Skyline

One of the nice things about our city is the beautiful Detroit skyline just across the river. At sunset and night when the lights are all lit, it looks incredible! And it’s even cooler to see the skyline from 30 stories high. These shots are from a few weeks back.

Where my Eyes Go | Windsor, Ontario Lifestyle photographer | Windsor, Ontario Where my Eyes Go | Windsor, Ontario Lifestyle photographer | Windsor, Ontario

Two weeks in Romania: a photo diary

Where my Eyes Go | Windsor, Ontario Lifestyle Photographer | Timisoara, RomaniaI spent a stress-free two weeks in Romania a few months ago. It was spring and the summer flowers were just starting to bloom, the cuckoo birds were singing in the country side, the atmosphere was peaceful. I drank coffee in the garden and binge-read The Idiot most days.

Before leaving for Canada we spent two days in Timisoara wandering around the stone building streets, the air thick with humidity and pre-summer excitement. I ate too many sweets and acquired a deep distrust for pigeons. They’re sneaky!

Besides this I won’t go into too much detail; instead I’ll show you a quick snapshot of what my trip looked like!

Where I’ve Been; Romania

Where My Eyes Go | Travel & Lifestyle Photographer | Postcards from RomaniaIt’s been a HOT MINUTE since i’ve posted here. My apologies. I’ve had lots of things swirling around lately that have put this tiny blog in the back of my mind. But i’m back, and I have two travel diaries to share with you!

Conscious Research: 3 things I do before buying anything

Where my Eyes Go Blog | Shopping Conscious ResearchWhenever I want to buy a new product, I do research on it. A lot of research. It’s easy to be fooled into buying things that promise beautiful skin or hassle-free, shiny….(insert whatever you want)  because that’s exactly what you’re looking for, so you fall prey to advertising. I won’t pretend I’m an expert shopper in any sense of the word because everyone who knows me knows that sometimes I buy things that I really don’t need (like black shirts with odd, New-Wave quotes on them). But i’ve gotten smarter! Every stumble is a chance at change (groaaaaaan!)

Spring in Southwestern Ontario

Where My Eyes Go Blog | Spring in Southwestern Ontario | Ojibway Parkvia @duskophoto
I’ve been blogging less and less these days. Mostly because I haven’t had anything substantial to post, and the convenience of running a tiny microblog via Instagram (@wheremyeyesgo) is too tough to beat! But I thought since it’s been a while, I should try and find my way back here!

Spring Style: Three pieces

Where My Eyes Go Blog | Lifestyle Photography | Spring StyleHappy first day of Spring! What are you up to? I have the windows open while I clean and dream about the moment I can start wearing springier clothing! (Is that a word…?) What’s on your Spring wardrobe list? Here are a few things i’m looking forward to wearing this season…

Life Lately: Detroit

Where My Eyes Go | Windsor Ontario Photographer | Detroit | ASHE Supply Co.I’m in a photo-taking season right now and it feels so great to be behind the lens again! So far, every weekend has taken me somewhere I wanted to snap a few photos and i’ve been collecting the little solo shots from here and there to compile into a bigger post.

A Winter Retreat

Where My Eyes Go | Windsor Ontario Photographer | Fingal, Ontario

This past weekend I retreated into nature with 40+ people for an annual winter youth retreat. Here we get together and hang out, have great meals, and learn about God and his purpose for our lives. And even though sleep is MINIMAL on these weekend, I always come back refreshed.