I’m still here blogging!

Where my Eyes Go | ASTRO Coffee, Corktown, Detroit MichiganHey! Thought I should check in here so you don’t think i’ve abandoned my blog. I haven’t, I’ve just been super busy! I’m looking forward to spending the Christmas break relaxing, camera in-hand of course and hopefully some nice posts materialize because of it. Stay tuned for some blogging! In the meantime, if you’re looking to keep up with my goings on, follow along on Instagram at @wheremyeyesgo

Seahorses at the Belle Isle Aquarium

Where My Eyes Go | Belle Isle Conservancy | Belle Isle AquariumWent to the Belle Isle Aquarium for the firs time this weekend and saw so many weird and wacky fish, including these beautiful little seahorses! is it bad that this was my first time seeing a seahorse in real life? Maybe, but I was too infatuated with the beautiful colours and undulating movements of these little sea horsies!

On the Road: Kebler Pass & Black Canyon

Where my Eyes Go | Windsor Ontario Travel Photographer | Kebler Pass ColoradoThis was the longest day of driving. We set out from Aspen close to 9 am and started off towards the main part of the day, driving the Kebler Pass. I had no expectations or idea as to what the ride would be like, but turn by turn new views emerged and I began understanding why this drive was such a popular one.

On the Road: Denver, CO

Where my Eyes Go | Windsor Ontario Photographer | Denver Colorado travelsWhen you get to Denver the first thing you may notice is how your head feels light, like you’re flying in the air even though your feet are on the ground.