My weekday morning routine

Where my Eyes Go Blog | Windsor, Ontario Lifestyle Photographer | Morning RoutineMy job requires me to be out of the house before the sun even comes up, which means I feel super lethargic and sleepy when i’m getting ready for the day. I prep all my things the night before so I can stay in bed as long as possible and just roll out once my alarm goes off. (Especially now that the weather is chillier and beds just feel SO AMAZINGLY WARM!) 

Detroit Skyline

One of the nice things about our city is the beautiful Detroit skyline just across the river. At sunset and night when the lights are all lit, it looks incredible! And it’s even cooler to see the skyline from 30 stories high. These shots are from a few weeks back.

Where my Eyes Go | Windsor, Ontario Lifestyle photographer | Windsor, Ontario Where my Eyes Go | Windsor, Ontario Lifestyle photographer | Windsor, Ontario

Conscious Research: 3 things I do before buying anything

Where my Eyes Go Blog | Shopping Conscious ResearchWhenever I want to buy a new product, I do research on it. A lot of research. It’s easy to be fooled into buying things that promise beautiful skin or hassle-free, shiny….(insert whatever you want)  because that’s exactly what you’re looking for, so you fall prey to advertising. I won’t pretend I’m an expert shopper in any sense of the word because everyone who knows me knows that sometimes I buy things that I really don’t need (like black shirts with odd, New-Wave quotes on them). But i’ve gotten smarter! Every stumble is a chance at change (groaaaaaan!)

Spring in Southwestern Ontario

Where My Eyes Go Blog | Spring in Southwestern Ontario | Ojibway Parkvia @duskophoto
I’ve been blogging less and less these days. Mostly because I haven’t had anything substantial to post, and the convenience of running a tiny microblog via Instagram (@wheremyeyesgo) is too tough to beat! But I thought since it’s been a while, I should try and find my way back here!

January Re-cap

I can’t believe January is almost over! I feel like my dad waxing poetic about the good ol’ days and how fast time flies but it’s true; I just realized yesterday the days are getting longer again and it seems like only a month ago it was pitch black by 5pm. I’m not complaining though: brighter days, come on down!

This month I didn’t take too many photos like I wanted but I complied the ones I did take and talked through their inception below:

Where My Eyes Go | Windsor Ontario Lifestyle Photographer | January Re-CapWhere My Eyes Go | Windsor Ontario Lifestyle Photographer | January Re-CapThis January I ventured outdoors a lot. It wasn’t very cold so me and D were able to head out to local parks and marshes for fresh air and…beavers! I am so stoked for spring because the beavers will be out of hibernation and I’ll be able to see one in person in their natural habitat. It was so cool to stumble upon their secret hideaways. They did some serious damage to trees nearby their nests so I wonder what shenanigans they’ll be getting up to soon…We also ran into a bunch of people playing hockey and skating on the pond as we started leaving. It was so cool seeing more than 30 people throw their shoes on the boardwalk and skate along competitively or for fun!

Where My Eyes Go | Windsor Ontario Lifestyle Photographer | January Re-CapI also embraced chilly evenings by lighting candles and relaaaaaaxing. Sometimes I forget to do this and feel so rushed and head-spun because of it. Taking an hour-two break from all the chaos of the week by reading or face-masking or doing my hair or anything that I’ve wanted to do but couldn’t, well- it helps me get my head back in the game. I’m sure you feel like this too. I also took the plunge and tried the ever instagram famous OUAI hair care line and man……this stuff is good! I think I’ll create a dedicated post just to the products i’ve been using and my thoughts on them because I did a LOT of research on her line before buying some stuff so i’d like to contribute to that body of research as best I can. I’ll also throw other bits and bobs I’ve liked in, too.

Thanks January, you were a slice.

Christmas Spirit

Where my Eyes Go | Windsor, Ontario | Christmas Decor from TargetWe’re supposed to get a whole lot of snow this weekend and my thoughts are: bring it on! Last year we had very little snow, and especially very little around Christmas so the fact that my town will have some snow for the 25th is stellar. I could do without the -20 windchill and all that, but if it means having snow this time around, I’ll figure out how to withstand it.

I’m also officially on break right now from work so that’s probably why I don’t care if it snows. I’m ready to jump head first into everything CHRISTMAS and run with it this upcoming week ala Buddy the Elf!

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year!

A Snow Day

Where My Eyes Go | Snow day in Windsor Ontario“Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people’s legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world.”
― Sarah Addison Allen

you haven’t looked out your window yet (if you live in SW Ontario), it snowed. Rather, it’s still snowing and apparently we’re supposed to get quite a lot of snow over the night. It’s funny how the moment the weather drastically changes everyone has to announce it, and everyone also gets annoyed that everyone is announcing it because I can see from my window thankyouverymuch! I’m sort of in both camps, but i’m willing to overlook any negativity because i’m just so happy we have snow falling before Christmas! I hope the weather stays and the snow keeps quietly falling because there’s nothing worse than a brown Christmas!



I’m still here blogging!

Where my Eyes Go | ASTRO Coffee, Corktown, Detroit MichiganHey! Thought I should check in here so you don’t think i’ve abandoned my blog. I haven’t, I’ve just been super busy! I’m looking forward to spending the Christmas break relaxing, camera in-hand of course and hopefully some nice posts materialize because of it. Stay tuned for some blogging! In the meantime, if you’re looking to keep up with my goings on, follow along on Instagram at @wheremyeyesgo

Seahorses at the Belle Isle Aquarium

Where My Eyes Go | Belle Isle Conservancy | Belle Isle AquariumWent to the Belle Isle Aquarium for the firs time this weekend and saw so many weird and wacky fish, including these beautiful little seahorses! is it bad that this was my first time seeing a seahorse in real life? Maybe, but I was too infatuated with the beautiful colours and undulating movements of these little sea horsies!

How to start blogging again

Teaching | Where my Eyes go

 I’ve written many first posts but this one feels different. Maybe it’s because I finally feel like I’ve mastered it. Or maybe not. Either way, hey! How’s it going? Well, this is my blog. Long story short, it was born out of a long creative rut. Let me explain: