Life Updates and photography

Fashion Photography | Where My Eyes Go Blog | Windsor, Ontario Fashion Photography | Where My Eyes Go Blog | Windsor, Ontario Fashion Photography | Where My Eyes Go Blog | Windsor, OntarioAs I type this i’m starting at a pug in a coffee shop and I wish I was it. Carefree, tongue lolling out of its mouth like it never had a worry in it’s life. And why would it, it’s a dog! They literally have the best lives.

It’s been a whirlwind month over here. I started teaching full-time again and found a brand new appreciation for going to bed at 9:30pm (as if I needed another excuse to tuck in early!). It’s been tiring, but really great.  It’s also reminded me how much I miss photography. I feel like this will be the forever tug-of-war I struggle with- one way leaning to education, the other to capturing beautiful images. (Still searching for a career that let’s me do both…anyone?!)

I managed to take some shots a weekend ago though. S came down to visit and we spent some time updating her photos for an upcoming project. I love how they turned out! A little bit fashion forward, a little classic- S is such a natural beauty, it’s so easy to photograph her 🙂

Once I settle into a more comfortable teaching routine, I’m totally going to seek out more photography opportunities!

In the meantine, follow me on instagram @wheremyeyesgo to see what i’m getting up to behind the scenes.

A Glossier Review from a No Makeup Person

Where my Eyes Go Blog | Lifestyle Photography | Glossier ReviewWhen Glossier announced they were (finally!!) shipping to Canada, I basically just handed them my credit card. Ok not true. I did A TON of research first, as -hopefully you’ve gathered – I like to be really informed about the stuff I purchase. Then when the shipping floodgates opened I couldn’t have hit order fast enough because I knew exactly what I wanted.

Spring Style: Three pieces

Where My Eyes Go Blog | Lifestyle Photography | Spring StyleHappy first day of Spring! What are you up to? I have the windows open while I clean and dream about the moment I can start wearing springier clothing! (Is that a word…?) What’s on your Spring wardrobe list? Here are a few things i’m looking forward to wearing this season…

Two OUAI Products

Where My Eyes Go | Lifestyle Photography | OUAI Wave Spray | OUAI Finishing Creme I haven’t done a beauty related blog post in ages so I felt it was time to flex the ol’ muscle and get at it again. First up: two products from OUAI. I bought the wave spray first and the only reason I did this is because while passing by Sephora, i saw a OUAI display at the door with one wave spray left; I guess my subconscious thought, Well, there’s only one – it MUST be good. (The return policy at Sephora is also pretty solid too so I knew I could return it if It didn’t work out.)

Packing: Colorado

Where my Eyes go blog | Windsor Lifestyle | Packing for a trip |This week i’m off to Colorado with D and good friends and i’m super excited! I’ve never seen The Rocky Mountains up close so that is going to be amazing as well as traveling through beautiful, rugged, landscapes, trying the food culture in Denver, and just enjoying being somewhere new (because we all need that once in a while!)

I’m also excited because I get to pack.

A beauty trick for in-flight

A beauty trick for inflight | Where my Eyes goThe last last time I flew, I packed a small bag of toiletries with me. It was heavy, bulky, took up space in my backpack and really- if i’m flying for 8 hours why do I need to bring half my bathroom vanity with my in my carry-on? I vowed never to do that again. It was such a pain.

This this time flying, I decided to try and bring only one beauty-related product with me (not including lip balm) to use inflight, one that would moisturize and perk up my tired, dull, airplane skin*: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. 

It’s a clear gel-cream face mask/night cream that smells like delicious apricots and really moisturizes skin. About half an hour into flying I slipped to the bathroom and applied it to my face and since it’s clear, no one knew I had anything on my face! I was having a facial in secret!  I had a small bottle left from Christmas and it was the perfect size to slip into the wristlet I keep in my backpack.

This little product is compact, doesn’t take up space and works wonderfully.A little goes a long way too so you have quite a bit left for a while. I will always bring this mini magic potion with me when I travel.



*I have normal/dry skin in general. If you have oily skin, this mask might be too moisturizing for you. But you never know!