A word about my absence and Instagram

Where My Eyes Go Instagram

I have been, in a word- busy.

Busy planing for my future

Busy watching Jane the Virgin (amazing!!!)

Busy living life.

I haven’t abandoned this blog all together; I miss it! I just haven’t had enough sold, thoughtful content to merit a good blog post. Or at least something I feel you would enjoy reading. I’ve also just been busy doing other things that I feel come before my blog, like seeing friends, earning money, cleaning my room, being present in the moment (whatever it means at that time). Once upon a time I used to place my blog way higher than It should have been because I enjoyed creating it so much. That moment of life served a great purpose for me and I don’t knock it in the least- my mentality towards blogs has just changed since then.

I live my life and then I blog, I don’t blog to live my life.

But that being said, I AM in the process of trying to create some cool things to post here. I hope to do that soon.

In the meantime, i’ve been on instagram more, running my little microblog so if you happen to use instagram, follow me @wheremyeyesgo!

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