January Re-cap

I can’t believe January is almost over! I feel like my dad waxing poetic about the good ol’ days and how fast time flies but it’s true; I just realized yesterday the days are getting longer again and it seems like only a month ago it was pitch black by 5pm. I’m not complaining though: brighter days, come on down!

This month I didn’t take too many photos like I wanted but I complied the ones I did take and talked through their inception below:

Where My Eyes Go | Windsor Ontario Lifestyle Photographer | January Re-CapWhere My Eyes Go | Windsor Ontario Lifestyle Photographer | January Re-CapThis January I ventured outdoors a lot. It wasn’t very cold so me and D were able to head out to local parks and marshes for fresh air and…beavers! I am so stoked for spring because the beavers will be out of hibernation and I’ll be able to see one in person in their natural habitat. It was so cool to stumble upon their secret hideaways. They did some serious damage to trees nearby their nests so I wonder what shenanigans they’ll be getting up to soon…We also ran into a bunch of people playing hockey and skating on the pond as we started leaving. It was so cool seeing more than 30 people throw their shoes on the boardwalk and skate along competitively or for fun!

Where My Eyes Go | Windsor Ontario Lifestyle Photographer | January Re-CapI also embraced chilly evenings by lighting candles and relaaaaaaxing. Sometimes I forget to do this and feel so rushed and head-spun because of it. Taking an hour-two break from all the chaos of the week by reading or face-masking or doing my hair or anything that I’ve wanted to do but couldn’t, well- it helps me get my head back in the game. I’m sure you feel like this too. I also took the plunge and tried the ever instagram famous OUAI hair care line and man……this stuff is good! I think I’ll create a dedicated post just to the products i’ve been using and my thoughts on them because I did a LOT of research on her line before buying some stuff so i’d like to contribute to that body of research as best I can. I’ll also throw other bits and bobs I’ve liked in, too.

Thanks January, you were a slice.

2 thoughts on “January Re-cap

  • I totally agree, OUAI line is awesome and your photos are dreamy:) My January was all about scented candles and simmer pots, as I’m not huge on all that cold and snow:) Btw: yay to longer days…I seriously can’t wait for spring…xoxo

    • Hey Diana, thanks so much! I’m with you on the Spring thing. I love a good winter snow, but i’m ready for brighter days 🙂

      Have a great week!

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