Two OUAI Products

Where My Eyes Go | Lifestyle Photography | OUAI Wave Spray | OUAI Finishing Creme I haven’t done a beauty related blog post in ages so I felt it was time to flex the ol’ muscle and get at it again. First up: two products from OUAI. I bought the wave spray first and the only reason I did this is because while passing by Sephora, i saw a OUAI display at the door with one wave spray left; I guess my subconscious thought, Well, there’s only one – it MUST be good. (The return policy at Sephora is also pretty solid too so I knew I could return it if It didn’t work out.)

A beauty trick for in-flight

A beauty trick for inflight | Where my Eyes goThe last last time I flew, I packed a small bag of toiletries with me. It was heavy, bulky, took up space in my backpack and really- if i’m flying for 8 hours why do I need to bring half my bathroom vanity with my in my carry-on? I vowed never to do that again. It was such a pain.

This this time flying, I decided to try and bring only one beauty-related product with me (not including lip balm) to use inflight, one that would moisturize and perk up my tired, dull, airplane skin*: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. 

It’s a clear gel-cream face mask/night cream that smells like delicious apricots and really moisturizes skin. About half an hour into flying I slipped to the bathroom and applied it to my face and since it’s clear, no one knew I had anything on my face! I was having a facial in secret!  I had a small bottle left from Christmas and it was the perfect size to slip into the wristlet I keep in my backpack.

This little product is compact, doesn’t take up space and works wonderfully.A little goes a long way too so you have quite a bit left for a while. I will always bring this mini magic potion with me when I travel.



*I have normal/dry skin in general. If you have oily skin, this mask might be too moisturizing for you. But you never know!