Spring in Southwestern Ontario

Where My Eyes Go Blog | Spring in Southwestern Ontario | Ojibway Parkvia @duskophoto
I’ve been blogging less and less these days. Mostly because I haven’t had anything substantial to post, and the convenience of running a tiny microblog via Instagram (@wheremyeyesgo) is too tough to beat! But I thought since it’s been a while, I should try and find my way back here!

Spring Style: Three pieces

Where My Eyes Go Blog | Lifestyle Photography | Spring StyleHappy first day of Spring! What are you up to? I have the windows open while I clean and dream about the moment I can start wearing springier clothing! (Is that a word…?) What’s on your Spring wardrobe list? Here are a few things i’m looking forward to wearing this season…

Christmas Spirit

Where my Eyes Go | Windsor, Ontario | Christmas Decor from TargetWe’re supposed to get a whole lot of snow this weekend and my thoughts are: bring it on! Last year we had very little snow, and especially very little around Christmas so the fact that my town will have some snow for the 25th is stellar. I could do without the -20 windchill and all that, but if it means having snow this time around, I’ll figure out how to withstand it.

I’m also officially on break right now from work so that’s probably why I don’t care if it snows. I’m ready to jump head first into everything CHRISTMAS and run with it this upcoming week ala Buddy the Elf!

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year!