Life Updates and photography

Fashion Photography | Where My Eyes Go Blog | Windsor, Ontario Fashion Photography | Where My Eyes Go Blog | Windsor, Ontario Fashion Photography | Where My Eyes Go Blog | Windsor, OntarioAs I type this i’m starting at a pug in a coffee shop and I wish I was it. Carefree, tongue lolling out of its mouth like it never had a worry in it’s life. And why would it, it’s a dog! They literally have the best lives.

It’s been a whirlwind month over here. I started teaching full-time again and found a brand new appreciation for going to bed at 9:30pm (as if I needed another excuse to tuck in early!). It’s been tiring, but really great.  It’s also reminded me how much I miss photography. I feel like this will be the forever tug-of-war I struggle with- one way leaning to education, the other to capturing beautiful images. (Still searching for a career that let’s me do both…anyone?!)

I managed to take some shots a weekend ago though. S came down to visit and we spent some time updating her photos for an upcoming project. I love how they turned out! A little bit fashion forward, a little classic- S is such a natural beauty, it’s so easy to photograph her 🙂

Once I settle into a more comfortable teaching routine, I’m totally going to seek out more photography opportunities!

In the meantine, follow me on instagram @wheremyeyesgo to see what i’m getting up to behind the scenes.

Detroit Skyline

One of the nice things about our city is the beautiful Detroit skyline just across the river. At sunset and night when the lights are all lit, it looks incredible! And it’s even cooler to see the skyline from 30 stories high. These shots are from a few weeks back.

Where my Eyes Go | Windsor, Ontario Lifestyle photographer | Windsor, Ontario Where my Eyes Go | Windsor, Ontario Lifestyle photographer | Windsor, Ontario

Two weeks in Romania: a photo diary

Where my Eyes Go | Windsor, Ontario Lifestyle Photographer | Timisoara, RomaniaI spent a stress-free two weeks in Romania a few months ago. It was spring and the summer flowers were just starting to bloom, the cuckoo birds were singing in the country side, the atmosphere was peaceful. I drank coffee in the garden and binge-read The Idiot most days.

Before leaving for Canada we spent two days in Timisoara wandering around the stone building streets, the air thick with humidity and pre-summer excitement. I ate too many sweets and acquired a deep distrust for pigeons. They’re sneaky!

Besides this I won’t go into too much detail; instead I’ll show you a quick snapshot of what my trip looked like!

Christmas Spirit

Where my Eyes Go | Windsor, Ontario | Christmas Decor from TargetWe’re supposed to get a whole lot of snow this weekend and my thoughts are: bring it on! Last year we had very little snow, and especially very little around Christmas so the fact that my town will have some snow for the 25th is stellar. I could do without the -20 windchill and all that, but if it means having snow this time around, I’ll figure out how to withstand it.

I’m also officially on break right now from work so that’s probably why I don’t care if it snows. I’m ready to jump head first into everything CHRISTMAS and run with it this upcoming week ala Buddy the Elf!

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year!

A Snow Day

Where My Eyes Go | Snow day in Windsor Ontario“Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people’s legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world.”
― Sarah Addison Allen

you haven’t looked out your window yet (if you live in SW Ontario), it snowed. Rather, it’s still snowing and apparently we’re supposed to get quite a lot of snow over the night. It’s funny how the moment the weather drastically changes everyone has to announce it, and everyone also gets annoyed that everyone is announcing it because I can see from my window thankyouverymuch! I’m sort of in both camps, but i’m willing to overlook any negativity because i’m just so happy we have snow falling before Christmas! I hope the weather stays and the snow keeps quietly falling because there’s nothing worse than a brown Christmas!



Seahorses at the Belle Isle Aquarium

Where My Eyes Go | Belle Isle Conservancy | Belle Isle AquariumWent to the Belle Isle Aquarium for the firs time this weekend and saw so many weird and wacky fish, including these beautiful little seahorses! is it bad that this was my first time seeing a seahorse in real life? Maybe, but I was too infatuated with the beautiful colours and undulating movements of these little sea horsies!

On the Road: Kebler Pass & Black Canyon

Where my Eyes Go | Windsor Ontario Travel Photographer | Kebler Pass ColoradoThis was the longest day of driving. We set out from Aspen close to 9 am and started off towards the main part of the day, driving the Kebler Pass. I had no expectations or idea as to what the ride would be like, but turn by turn new views emerged and I began understanding why this drive was such a popular one.

On the Road: Denver, CO

Where my Eyes Go | Windsor Ontario Photographer | Denver Colorado travelsWhen you get to Denver the first thing you may notice is how your head feels light, like you’re flying in the air even though your feet are on the ground.