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Inspiration from traveling to Europe | Where my Eyes go blog

Two months ago I was in Europe. A small group including myself went to Slovakia to teach at an English camp for a week then toured around the area and visited Budapest for a few days after that. I had a blast! Teaching was super fun and exhausting and rewarding and exploring new places was equally so.

While I was there, working and relaxing, I decided to use the trip as inspiration to get back into writing and I created a few travel stories that i’m excited and nervous to share (read: terrified). They’re nothing great, just the first little foray back into serious writing.

And I’ve been putting off posting them for quite a while due to not having my site organized, not really liking the content, etc.

So over the next few weeks i’ll finally be posting my micro travel stories; I realize i’ve been hiding for quite too long. They need to see the light, i’m tired of holding them hostage.

(Also, I just got back from Colorado and how can I post those travel stories before posting my first ones?!)

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