Where I’ve Been; Romania

Where My Eyes Go | Travel & Lifestyle Photographer | Postcards from RomaniaIt’s been a HOT MINUTE since i’ve posted here. My apologies. I’ve had lots of things swirling around lately that have put this tiny blog in the back of my mind. But i’m back, and I have two travel diaries to share with you!I spent two weeks this spring in Romania, my home away from home. It’s funny how many versions of myself have been to this little village on the top of a hill; my toddler self, child self, teen self, adult self. Over and over again, I experienced a European way of life through different eyes; every time the same but I was always a little bit different. (We see things not as they are, but as we are.)

This time, I embraced the sloooow life, the life all my former selves would have hated. Lazy afternoons punctuated with Nescafe, spurts of kindle reading (I will do a separate post on my book later), watching the cows come home (Literally, this is a thing here) – all the trappings of a pretty uneventful European adventure. You went to Europe to read?, they said.

But that’s what made it so great! I just continued living, doing things I would normally do – but somewhere else. I experienced how it was to be an adult on another continent, minus the job of course. And it was great!

We had day trips to small cities on the Danube, hiked gravely roads under scorching suns, visited famous cities built on history and overall just, relaxed. I keep telling everyone that the day after I got back to Canada, the day I should have been over my head in jet lag was the most restful day this year. I just slept better, felt better, (partially because I was so dead tired from jumping 3 timezones yes) and felt rejuvenated!

Good traveling does that, I think. Fills you up with the best things.

(Look for Pt.1 coming soon!)

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