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Where My Eyes Go | Lifestyle Photography | OUAI Wave Spray | OUAI Finishing Creme I haven’t done a beauty related blog post in ages so I felt it was time to flex the ol’ muscle and get at it again. First up: two products from OUAI. I bought the wave spray first and the only reason I did this is because while passing by Sephora, i saw a OUAI display at the door with one wave spray left; I guess my subconscious thought, Well, there’s only one – it MUST be good. (The return policy at Sephora is also pretty solid too so I knew I could return it if It didn’t work out.)Where My Eyes Go | Lifestyle Photography | OUAI Wave Spray | OUAI Finishing Creme I heard about OUAI products through bloggers and Instagram but I never really considered it because to be honest, I don’t really do “high-end” hair products; i’m a John Freida and Head and Shoulders kinda gal and they work great and I would rather spend the money elsewhere. But I bought it on a whim and I have to say- the outcome was well worth the risk!

Wave Spray
I have wavy hair and try not to fuss with it too much so a few sprays of the wave spray in damp hair (and even on heat curled hair) give my waves some grit, shape, and a divine smell ( I want OUAI to bottle the wave spray scent SO BAD. Some people don’t like the scent, or say it smells similar to Chanel; I can see the Chanel similarity, but I personally love it.) The wave spray is supposed to be like a salt spray but with rice protein instead of salt so you don’t have that crunchy feeling after it dries, and it’s true- you’re hair feels light, not crunchy or sticky at all, and even brushes out really nice giving your hair some smooth shine. I’m a fan of every layer of this stuff and will totally repurchase once i’m out.

Finishing Creme
Because I loved the wave spray so much, I decided to give another product from the OUAI line a try and purchased the finishing creme. It has a lovely jasmine smell which I appreciate and a really nice cream texture- not too thick or runny- but in all honesty it’s not anything great. It’s supposed to smooth and give your hair that piece-y model off duty look and it does do that I guess, but you could find a similar product for way less than the cost of this creme i’m sure. It does have the loveliest smell though!

All in all, I don’t have anything very negative to say about these two OUAI products. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa so it’s always good to read reviews and give them a try yourself. And belive me, I researched this stuff to the max (after purchasing, oops)!

What are your thoughts? Any other OUAI products I should try out?

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