Where My Eyes Go | Windsor Ontario Travel Photographer
Photo via @duskophoto

Hi! I’m Emily, a teacher, photographer enthusiast and the writer/creator of Where My Eyes Go. Everything in this site (photos, writing, etc.) unless otherwise stated is created by me.

Where My Eyes Go started out as a place to showcase my photography and practice my writing and has since continued into a wonderful hobby I will probably keep for a long, long time.

A few things:
I enjoy reading, eating, fashion, learning languages, and lazy Sundays
I can quote Arrested Development almost verbatim
I believe in taking care of your skin and giving others grace because we first received it

I hope that my posts can inspire you through pictures and words to seek the epic in your everyday life! Everywhere you look, there is so much to be thankful for. 

Feel free to email me at info@wheremyeyesgo.com and find me on instagram, I’d love to hear from you.

And thanks so much for reading!



*The title was inspired by the beautiful poem Where my books go by  W.B Yeats.