A Glossier Review from a No Makeup Person

Where my Eyes Go Blog | Lifestyle Photography | Glossier ReviewWhen Glossier announced they were (finally!!) shipping to Canada, I basically just handed them my credit card. Ok not true. I did A TON of research first, as -hopefully you’ve gathered – I like to be really informed about the stuff I purchase. Then when the shipping floodgates opened I couldn’t have hit order fast enough because I knew exactly what I wanted.

Long story short, I made some choices and bought some Glossier products and I want to contribute to the body of research that I am so thankful for, the reviews I browsed for hours. Just to make it official, I bought these products with my own money. Here are my opinions.

Skin tint (Medium)
The shade Light looked too pink for my skin so I went with Medium. At first it looked too dark on me and I was worried I bought the wrong shade, but the longer I wore it the better it looked; Skin Tint is pretty sheer but for someone who doesn’t wear foundation, I felt weird putting it on my face, I could really see the colour! (A Youtube review said that the shade light is really more of a porcelain colour, and medium is a light shade, and I agree.)  After a few days of getting used to applying it I started really liking how it pulled my appearance together in a subtle, sheer way. It’s not heavy, it doesn’t cake, it just tints you skin in a nice glow. I like it a lot. I put a moisturizer on beforehand and then apply this.

Stretch Concealer (Medium)
Same scenario as the Skin Tint, only I’ll add that this stuff is very creamy. Which is fine for my dry skin but I don’t think it would be great for oily-skinned ladies. I put it around my eyes and around my face to conceal any redness and it does cover up my redness & the blue circles under my eyes in a natural way. If I compare it to concealers some of my friends have I wouldn’t call this a very high-coverage concealer, but it is buildable! It doesn’t seem too shiny once applied, not how some reviewers made it sound like. It’s dewy. Yes, that’s a good word: dewy. If dewy is your thing you might like this.

Generation G Lipstick (Cake)
This is the one product I’m so glad I bought. I toyed around with whether or not I really needed another lipstick, but review after review of its HG status convinced me & I decided to get it. It’s a matte balm, which sounds like an oxymoron because it is. You apply it first and it’s balmy-ish and then dries matte, but DOESN’T dry your lips. I can’t wear matte lipsticks because I find them so drying, so trying this formula was revolutionary! (So dramatic.) This shade cake looks natural, subtle, like your lips but amped up; it’s a peachy brown tone. It’s not moisturizing though so I would still carry a balm with me because #oldhabitsdiehard. I will totally be trying another colour from this collection.

BalmDotCom (Coconut)
Speaking of balms…there was free shipping with two or more items so for the second round I got the balmdotcom in Coconut to go with my Generation G lipstick. It smells super nice, like vanilla-y coconuts, and the packaging is very aesthetically pleasing, but it is just a really fancy petroleum jelly. It’s not as gloopy as petroleum jelly though, it’s a decent formula. I’d say two steps down from BITE Beauty’s agave lip mask for a consistency comparison. It would make a pretty gift, or a nice splurge for yourself. But it does nothing that under $5 Aquaphor can’t do. It actually sometimes feels like it’s just sitting on my lips, which is weird because it happens only sometimes…

I hope this was a helpful review about these products. In the end, you always have to try things yourself to really be the judge! Glossier is a powerhouse and they really did make some quality products that are easy to apply, no fuss, to-the-point and great for someone who doesn’t want to use a lot of makeup but still wants a little sumthin’ sumthin 🙂

Have you bought any Glossier? What have you been loving lately?

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