4 thoughts on “Liquid Gold: Coffee

  • Those Ethiopian beans Ryan (Chance Coffee) brought in are fantastic. Super similar to an unwashed Ethopian bean my friend brought back from Manchester. How have you been brewing them? I’m totally picking up another lb before summer’s out.

    • *Ethiopian

    • I’ve been using a percolator to brew my coffee, which hasn’t yielded the best results. I can’t find a good water/coffee ratio! I talked to Ryan about it and he said I probably wasn’t grinding fine enough, which I feel is true after looking at my grind. I love it though! The strawberry notes are bomb.

      How have you been brewing yours?

      • I’ve been making it as pour over for hot or as cold brew (1/4 coarse ground to 1L water left for 18-24 hours). I’m hooked!

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