My weekday morning routine

Where my Eyes Go Blog | Windsor, Ontario Lifestyle Photographer | Morning RoutineMy job requires me to be out of the house before the sun even comes up, which means I feel super lethargic and sleepy when i’m getting ready for the day. I prep all my things the night before so I can stay in bed as long as possible and just roll out once my alarm goes off. (Especially now that the weather is chillier and beds just feel SO AMAZINGLY WARM!) 

What I usually do is once I shut my alarm off, I head to the washroom to start my morning skincare routine. I wash with a gentle cleanser (right now, Glossier Milk Jelly), brush my teeth, and prep my skin with moisturizer for minimal makeup; I use Glossier skin tint & stretch concealer to even out my complexion and hide my dark circles. I’ve really been loving the Glossier makeup since I got it because it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin but does a decent job correcting my redness and discolouration; It helps me feel put together without having to really lay the makeup on thick.*

After this, I’ll just do my brows, apply some lip balm, a bit of blush, and head to the kitchen to fix up my coffee and breakfast. That’s it!

The less I have to fuss with the better I feel. I would love to be one of those people who gets up an hour before their alarm to prepare mentally for the day, but right now I just want to pull all the covers over my head and sleep through the morning. So for now, my little speedy routine will do!

*This post is NOT sponsored by Glossier. These are all products I purchased and have been using because I want to. All the opinions are my own.

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